Pretty Little Leader

Mental Jousting

Episode Summary

The sport of jousting is about winning at all cost. Mental jousting is about reaching your desired outcome by using strategy and skill. Learning when to push forward and pull back mentally can give you the mental strength you need to accomplish most anything.

Episode Notes

This episode is focused on learning how to stay focused on winning. Not allowing pushback to distract you from the goal.  

The movie On the Basis of Sex, about the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is mentioned. A particular in the movie  showed RBG getting so flustered by the questions and comments that she allowed herself to get overwhelmed and not show up as prepared and argue the case properly.  People will try to distract you  to keep you from being your best self.

Be prepared  to go in to battle! Don't get distracted by the opponent. 

Ebony Wiley