Pretty Little Leader

Leading with Intention- An interview with Natalie N. Robinson

Episode Summary

Intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future.

Episode Notes

Natalie N. Robinson served as the Vice President of Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Diversity for CBS Corporation. She is now the co-founder of HellaBlack, a new e-commerce platform aimed to provide a sleek one-stop shop to find products from Black brands.

During this interview Natalie opens up about her responsibilities functioning as an ambassador of CBS Supplier Diversity Program, communicating the value of supplier diversity enterprise-wide. She also shares the lessons she learned while growing up and supporting her families small entertainment business.  

Natalie opens up about how climbing the corporate ladder had an affect on personal relationships. Women are under a lot pressure, to meet expectations set by society. She provides insights for women on how to deal with that pressure:

*Really understand what makes you happy,

*Re-evaluate the list of criteria men must have to be worth your time.

*Take off the masks,  show who you really are.

*Be open to try new things.

*Talk to a professional. Therapy is not taboo.

Natalie's passion for the black culture is clear. Hence the founding of HellaBlack along with her cousins. At HellaBlack you can find an array of niche product lines to your classic staples, or become a seller and expose your brand visibility to thousands of consumers looking for Black-owned products. 



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